Tuesday, November 1, 2011


So after anxiously awaiting for email, I finally got the one I've been waiting for the other day. As mentioned before, I want to run the Colder Boulder. However, you have to qualify for it with a time of 56-58 minutes at the Bolder Boulder. Luckily for me, I qualified this year!

This means getting back into running and training my butt off! I really want to do well and say I've done it. It would be cool to place again but I'm not counting on it. I have not registered yet but I will soon (hopefully).

I have just realized I haven't updated in a minute. Since the last time I've updated I've turned 22. It was a good birthday and a lot clammer then last year. Now I'm no longer the youngest one at the bar. 21 was a good year and one of my favorites so far; 22 has a lot to live up to! It's up to me to make it a good year.

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