Thursday, December 29, 2011


This year has been pretty good to me. I thought 2010 was a really good year since I turned 21, the first part of student teaching ended, and I made some really fun friends in my geography class. But 2011 topped it, yeah there were some highs and lows but I wouldn't trade it for anything! I'll highlight some of my favorite parts of the year.

The year started with a bang at The Mansion with some of my friends. I had a great time and danced the night away. This was my favorite picture of the night :)

My first Nuggets game! Best part? It was against the Lakers so it was a really good game! Even though they lost it was really fun. A friend came with me but it was epic! The only bad part was that Birdman didn't play due to injuries. 

Random Boulder days with Tyler. He is someone who I need to visit more often! Tyler and I have been friends over three years now. We always got to the Med during happy hour and order too much food. It's the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Student teaching was a huge part of the year! My whole last semester of college was spent in a second grade classroom. It wasn't a cake walk but worth every moment. I wouldn't trade anything of my experience for anything. I worked with an amazing teacher who helped me so much and encouraged me when I felt everything had collapsed. It was all worth it in the end. The kids were amazing and I miss them so much. I can't post pictures of the kids but the flowers were from different events throughout the year.

All the races I ran this year! I did four which is less then what I expected to do. Due to injuries and crappy training I didn't accomplish what I wanted. I ran two 5ks, a five mile run, and the Bolder Boulder 10k. I hope to get in more and try some races in Denver. I did PR in a 5k and was the 11th overall female finisher. Hopefully next year I'll get in more races!

Graduating college is another huge accomplishment I made this year! I not only had one but two graduations! One from the college of education and the big one for school. I loved every moment of it. It was bittersweet in the end. (I cried at dinner since I was sad about graduating). I miss all the friends I made and being in school. College was worth every penny. 

Some of the fun times from second semester! I got to experience being 21 to the fullest and having a fun time with all my friends. I went out a little too much but it was fun. 

Summer 2011 was probably one of the best summers ever! I didn't have a job but my lack of job gave me free time to run. Between all the roof top bars, Pinkberry runs, late nights, beer pong, concerts, sushi, Water World, Casa Bontia, movies, random nights, and bad reality tv nights with Arielle, I loved it. So much fun with everyone! These pictures cannot do justice for all the fun I had.

Miami was defiantly a blast! I had so much fun and never wanted to come home. It was the perfect way to end summer. The trip was my last "kid" trip. Right when I came back I got the job I have now.

The first picture was me celebrating getting a job. I work as a preschool teacher at a daycare. I love my kids and have so much with them. The last picture was Arielle's last night in Colorado before moving to NYC. I miss her tons she was my partner in crime this summer. 

My best friend Alyssa and I on my birthday! We went to the melting pot and ate of yummy food. We had a really fun server. A nice way to celebrate with my parents.

I have enjoyed this year and will be ending it Miami! I'm looking forward to my vacation and road trip with Jennifer.