Sunday, October 16, 2011

Being an adult

So I have a job now. After a whole of summer of searching I'm a productive member of society again. I work at daycare. It's not a school but I don't mind it. I'm working with younger kids then I'm used to but they are so much fun! I'm with another teacher and we are the K3 room. Therefore, most of our kids are 3 (we have a few who are almost three). Love my class and the teacher I'm with.

I also float around as well. I can be with infants, toddlers, two year olds, or four year olds. I mostly go where ever I'm needed but I mainly stay with K3. The infants are cute unless they are crying since there can be ten babies in there at once! The toddlers make me laugh like none other. They are very alert and like playing with you for the most part. You can see their personalities forming and watch them take in the world around them. One of them punched me in the face! I call him The Situation since he dresses like Mike from Jersey Shore. The two year olds are wild. They have an attention span shorter then mine! However, they are good kids and are a ton of fun to work with. The four year olds are crazy! They give good stories to share and are fun to be with. They did tire me out today but my friend from UCCS works there so I like being with her. K3 is the best! I love my kids in there and they are too much fun. They make me laugh like none other.

My running has suffered since I'm at work all day. I'm using excuses not to go so I need to get ready for the Colder Boulder to motivate me. I did go for a run today but my foot was hurting for some reason. I'm going to get my running back on track and be ready for race season :)

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