Wednesday, January 18, 2012


*Please note this was made before my trip and now being posted*

Every year I try to make resolutions and follow them. So here it goes...

1. Run a half marathon. I always I want to do one but never do. Maybe try the RnR Denver? Idk yet but I will train like I'm going to do one.

2. On that being said run more races. I like running races and seeing how far I can push myself.

3. Get into yoga more. I really like the classes they do at Lululemon. It's a chill atmosphere and I like the people who work there.

4. Eat healthy and no more soda!

5. Save money, this is hard for me since I like spending it like it goes out of style.

6. Read more.

Life update...

After a fun vacation and a road trip, coming back to work was hard.

Miami was amazing as usual. I love people watching in South Beach, the Grove, dancing the night away, pizza runs, and celebrating new years with a good group of people. I went to the beach three days in a row! I got my tan on lol. However, the day we left Miami it was cold! Actually, it was warmer in Colorado then in Miami.

From Miami we went to Vero Beach which is about three hours away. We stayed with Jennifer's roommate from college. She actually lives on a nature preserve and boy was it beautiful! We went out to Thai place for dinner and chilled at her house. We had an easy night.

The next morning we took our long drive to New Orleans! It took forever to get out of Florida. With an exploded soda, going crazy in the car, and a few stops we made it out. We met up with Jennifer's friend Joe and stayed with him and his family. Joe greeted us with a bottle of vodka and we got ready and went to the French Quarter. We walked along Bourbon enjoying the no open container law. Drank too many hurricanes and won money at the casino. Got to go to Scure and enjoy red velvet cake :) This is one of my favorite places in New Orleans. The weather was even nice enough to go to the pool! Jennifer and I got our tan and relax in the hot tub (the pool water was too cold). Joe took us on a tour of the city and showed me places that I didn't see before. I had such a fun time and enjoyed every minute.

From there we headed to Dallas and spent the night with Jennifer's friend Lizzie. We went to Whataburger! I really liked it so if your ever driving around in Texas, find one! We even stopped again on our way home lol. After our one night in Dallas we drove back to Colorado.

It's been tough getting back into the swing of things and I haven't set foot in the gym at all this year! I also got sick right when I got back to work. I did go to yoga when I got back. I'm trying to get into that again.