Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New Orleans

Anyone who knows me knows I love to travel. I'm blessed with friends who live in desirable vacation spots where I have a place to crash. For instance, I visited my friend Jennifer twice in Miami and was able to go to the beach (last time we went three days in a row!). My other friends Arielle and Alyssa, live in New York City and I was able to stay with Arielle in her sweet apartment this summer (I already plan on going back). 

But one of my favorite places I've visited was New Orleans. I went once to visit Alyssa while she was at Tulane and once again on my way home from Miami when I drove back with Jennifer. I've only seen it Post-Katrina and could still some of the damage. To hear Hurricane Isaac was hitting the Gulf made me sad to think a city I love could potentially be destroyed again. 

After watching the news and checking the weather channel app on my phone to see a tropical storm warning, gave me some relief. People I know are safe but their power is out. Another Facebook friend from high school volleyball said Tulane classes were canceled till Tuesday. 

But here are some pictures from my visits. 

Monday, August 6, 2012

An update on life...

So I posted about my marathon training in June, however it did not go as planned. Work got crazy and the Waldo Canyon Fire kept me from running outside. Then I went to Vegas on top of everything. So a long excuse short, I committed to marathon training when I did not have the time. However, I still want to do a marathon, but I need to make sure I have the time to do it.

I'm running summer camp and that drains me. By the end of the day, I'm so tired and have no energy to do anything until I have an afternoon nap. Some days I skip my nap to work out or see my friends but I'm in bed by 8:30/9:30.

But school is almost starting! I'm excited to go back downstairs and be with my kids. They don't talk back and are awesome!

This week I leave to New York! So excited to pretend I'm Carrie Bradshaw for a days.