Sunday, November 13, 2011

I be up in the gym just working on my fitness

I finally got my lazy self to join a gym! I'm a member at 24 Hour Fitness near my house. It's the perfect size and isn't too crowded. The machines are very nice and good quality. I loved the treadmill! This will be great for me during the winter.

My workout today was very simple. I took a quick walk around the gym and found an elliptical by a TV so I could watch the Giants @ 49ners game. This was great since my iPod died and I could easily focus on the gym instead of my pain. I did that for about thirty minutes and then went to lift some weights. I am not huge on weight lifting at all. You think two semesters of weights would make a me a body builder but no. I'm weak and don't really lift to my full potential. Runners don't need huge arms anyways. I did a few ab machines and found ones to help strengthen my back. I took it pretty easy. Afterwards I stretched out and did a few more ab exercises. After walking by the treadmill I made the quick decision to run a quick mile before leaving.

Took it easy today but I know I'll be feeling it tomorrow. I went a little hard treadmill and messed up my left knee. I think some icing should do it some good. Tomorrow I'll be taking it easy and going on the bike.


  1. Yay for 24Hr! I'm a member too, and although they can definitely be a meat market, I love the easy hours and the wide variety of classes. There is always something that gets your heart pumping :)

  2. I'm looking at the classes, so far I want to try spin since I've always wanted to do that. What kind of classes do you take?