Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sometimes I inspire myself...

When I posted about baking I felt inspired to cook dinner for family. However, I did not turn to Smitten Kitchen, instead I turn Giada DeLaurentiis. She is a personal favorite of mine! I love Italian food and usually turn to her when I need a good pasta dish. I perfected this recipe last year during student teaching. When I wasn't having a turkey sandwich for lunch, I would take the leftovers to school. The other teachers thought it looked good too. I thought I share it on my blog and actually take pictures this time. Just a FYI, the photos aren't that great but at least I posted some right?

Penne with sausage, artichokes, and sun-dried tomatoes. The link uses a different pasta and it works fine. (Here is the link from food network

Cutting up the garlic

Cooking the sausage in the sun-dried tomato oil

Wine with the super cool Wine Rabbit (if your avid wine drinker get one)

The cork! 

It was so cool I had to take a picture, oh and proceeds from the wine go to help Dress for Success which helps woman get into the work place. Good wine and they have a bunch of different types.

The artichokes, tomatos, wine, broth, and garlic cooking.

My Dad took a break from football to help with the cheese. 

Back to football. We watched the Packers/Chargers game and the Raiders/Broncos game. 

The cheese! 

The table set up. My sister's spot has become where we put our mail. 

My cake from yesterday :) It's almost all gone. My mom, dad, and I has a piece for breakfast, we have no shame. 

I realized why I don't do a cooking blog. Food photography isn't as easy as it looks. I probably could have posted the recipe instead of the link to show changes I made but I rarely ever make changes. You could follow my pictures better too. Oh well! Hope you all like it :)


  1. Yeah last week I think. They are very stylish :)