Saturday, November 5, 2011


                                          Me making pizza dough.

When I'm stressed out or completely bored, I bake. I also love baking with my friends. It's a fun way to unwind and hangout. We are huge fans of funetti cupcakes and cookies. Today was cold and rainy so I thought why not bake?

                                          Alyssa and I got creative and decorated them once :)

I follow a cooking blog called Smitten Kitchen. This blog is written by woman named Deb who lives in New York. Her recipes are easy to follow. She has a great variety of recipes to choose from. On the rare occasion when I cook dinner for my family, I usually look at her website to pick something out. Most of it has turned out good!

Since I am a creature of habit (I had a turkey sandwich almost everyday while student teaching for lunch), there is one recipe I always turn to called blueberry boy bait. Here is the link. I did not do the topping which made it lighter (actually I forgot about it and it was already in the oven by the time I realized you do it before you put in the oven not after). This will be great for breakfast this week :)

I did not take pictures. The quality wouldn't have been as good and nature does it's job when I want a scenic shot so I'll leave you with a few of those.

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