Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day

As a kid, I used to love Valentines Day! It was an excuse for a class party, eating candy, and giving everyone cards. I used to save all my cards that I got in class since I thought it was so cool. My parents always got me a little something (and still do). I remember getting a Lip Smacker thinking it was so cool.

Now that I have gotten older, Valentines Day has been a bust. I never do anything exciting or have plans. Last year, my mom and I had takeout since my dad and sister were gone. My mom did buy me the Lady Gaga lipstick from MAC :) The year before that, I was dog sitting and made myself a lovely dinner. I did end up seeing some friends which was a nice.

Today was different. I was spending it with the second graders. They were so excited and it made my day. I had so much with them and it reminded me really what the holiday was about, having fun with your loved ones. We played games and passed out cards. One of the boys gave the teachers flowers which I thought was cute. They are tulips, my favorite! Another girl gave me a Starbucks gift card. Of course there was a ton of candy :)

When I got home, my mom made a lovely stake dinner. I had too much fun with my family. It was nice to enjoy dinner with them.

Overall a great day, as my student Jack said "Valentines Day is all about peace, love, and eating sweet candy!"


As I mentioned in my first blog, I student in a second grade class. Despite doing a healthy habits units, having a nurse come in and teach us how to wash our hands, and my lesson on how not to spread germs, I still end up getting sick. I have been dealing with a cold that I caught from the kids.

As cold and flu season progresses, I have gotten sick a few times this year. The first teacher I worked with, was sick the first week of school and I stayed clear of her germs. Then I ended up getting sick near the end of September with a throat thing. I lost my voice and could not talk at all! The second time I was sick was right after my birthday. I had a sinus infection. Once I was over that, low and behold I was a sick two weeks later!

Now I have had this cold for about two weeks but today I'm finally starting to feel better. Being sick while teaching is tough, but you tough it out. However, I am glad to finally get better!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

First post

I finally done, I started a blog. I've been wanting to for awhile so here it goes! I guess this will be my about post.

First off, I'm Charlotte, but most people call me Char. I live in Colorado and have been here for about ten years now. Its a fun place to live and has great things to do outdoors. However, I do miss Toronto and the fast pace city life. Also, living near the subway was a plus, you didn't have to drive anywhere!

I currently attend UCCS and I'm majoring in Geography Environmental Sciences and Elementary Education. Right now I am student teaching in a second grade class. The kids are great and I love the teacher I work with. She has taught me so much and helps me along the way.

For fun I like to run, hang out with my friends, and read. Of course I love to shop and be outdoors. I like to ski and someday would like to learn how to snowboard. Living in Colorado you have to head up to the mountains at least once a year! I wish I could go more.

This was my first post and expect more :)