Friday, November 18, 2011

Today I did not go to the gym last night, but don't worry! I went to a yoga class at my local Lululemon and the best part? It's free! My good friend Alyssa and I used to do yoga back in day. Both of our schools offered it. I was really into it my junior year but when I started student teaching I couldn't go anymore (yeah excuses, excuses). But making Alyssa go with me made me want to go again.

The class was fun. All the tables and clothing racks were moved so we were in the middle of the store which was awesome (but bad for my no self-control spending habits). Since Alyssa and I already some yoga background we were able to keep up. The class totally killed me but worth going to again! We talked to one of the girls who worked there and she said they do some random class every Thursday and Saturday is yoga. We are thinking of making this a regular thing. Also, having a workout buddy is always a plus.

Oh, but I have been going to the gym like none other. Everyday after work I am there ready to workout. I've mostly been sticking to elliptical and weights. The elliptical has a thing for your headphones so you can watch TV. I've been watching Real Housewives :) It helps keep my mind off the pain. 

Anyways, my lunch break is almost over and I better head back to work! Thank God it's Friday!

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