Saturday, April 28, 2012

Month of May

Everyday I'm getting emails about races that are coming up and it's getting me excited! I have picked three races I'm going to run. 

As I posted before, I'm doing the Bolder Boulder. It's like clock work, my dad and I run this one every memorial day. This race sparked mine and my dad's love of racing. Actually, it was the first race I've ever ran! I love it and have so much fun running this race. 

Me at the 2009 Bolder Boulder. 

The next race I'm running is Take 5 in the Garden. I did the five mile last year and will be doing the 5k this year. If my Dad was running this race, I would be doing the 5 mile but since it went awful last year, I wimped out and stuck to the 5k. This race is in Garden of the God's so the views will be amazing of course! 

My dad and I before the five mile race last year! Flashback, this race was right after student teaching ended and I was sick that whole week. I thought I would have a DNR beside my name. 

The other race I'll be running is Run to the Shrine. It's all up hill for the first part! I'll be running to the Will Rogers Shrine. I've seen it lighted up at night but never actually gone. The only time foot traffic is allowed is during this race. The best part? I get to run through the zoo! I'll be sure to take pictures lol. 

Overall, I'm happy to be kicking off racing season!

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