Sunday, April 22, 2012

Whole Paycheck

I love food. Needless to say, I could spend hours in Whole Foods looking around getting new things to try. Also, since it's from Whole Foods it is healthy...well not all the time.

Today after my social hour at the gym (ran into my friends from school), I went to salad bar to treat my self. To get to the salad bar, you have to walk past the frozen section. Since my lunch break is only a hour, I like having TV dinners or something quick so I can veg out and have some downtime from work. I saw a few TV dinners that I had to try. I bought 5 (none were on sale). This way I could try out a bunch and see which ones I liked the best. One of the Amy's I'm trying has meatless meatballs...

Then of course came the chip aisle. I have the biggest salt tooth ever! Not going to lie, I would eat a bag of chips over a piece of chocolate cake. There was a sale on my baked kettle chips and these chips that have a whole serving veggies in 20 ounces! I'll post about those once I try them.

Since I'm a big kid making my own money I paid for it myself and realized I like it better when I'm not paying for it. I'm going to have to learn how to shop the sales there. I wish extreme couponing would teach me how make it for Whole Foods. 

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