Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The roof is one fire...

I've realized life had been non-stop since I came home from vacation back in January. There is always something at work, stuff going on with my friends, and being sick on and off. But, everything was put in perspective last Monday/Tuesday night.

At 3:00 am my house received a phone call and a loud knock on the door. I thought we were being robbed so in my half awake fashion, I started pressing buttons trying to unlock my iPhone (there is an emergency button for a reason). However, I heard my mom yell get Char (why would my mom let the robbers know I was in the house). My dad ran downstairs and told me the house was on fire. I grabbed my laptop and my jacket and a coat (my dad reminded me I needed shoes). Then wnet upstairs to where a policeman told me the neighbor's house was on fire and we being evacuated as a safety precaution. I regain my sanity and grabbed my purse and car keys. My dad was taking forever grabbing his laptop and getting his work stuff together. 

We went out through the garage. There were embers flying all over the place. The wind was so strong that the water from the hoses felt like rain. My family and I were led to an ambulance where our neighbor was safely waiting. We stayed there for 15 minutes before being placed in a lobby of a retirement home. There we watched TV and the red cross came to help my neighbor. Awhile laster fireman came and told my family that we could go back home. We made the walk back home since our street closed off.

It was still freezing but our house was safe. My mom made breakfast since we knew there was no way we were going back to bed. The fire made the news and my mom was interviewed.

This event just reminded me of the question game you play. I've been ask before if I had to choose three things to take out of my burning house what would I grab. I've always said my laptop since most of my pictures are on there. I have some jewelry that has is valuable because of who it came from. I would be devastated if my teachers license or college diploma was misplaced. All my stuff ran through my mind and I realized how much of it is replaceable. All that mattered was my parents and I were safe and we made it out with no scrapes or scratches.

The aftermath...

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