Saturday, May 12, 2012

Excuses, Excuses

Yeah my updates have been lacking. Between work, my social time, and playoffs (both NBA and hockey), my blog has been suffering.

My 5k went way better then expected. I'll do separate post about that one so stay tuned!

I tried something new at the gym! My friend Bri and I went to spin at 5:30 am. We did the stair master to warm up and an ab workout. Bri is actually a personal trainer so it's like I'm getting service for free.

Spin was intense! The music was okay but I would have more upbeat music with faster beats. Overall a good work that I will be making a habit of going again.

Next Saturday is my uphill 5k! I'm excited for this race since it's at the zoo. I'm not sure what kind of goal I want to set for this race yet. My training this week will determine how fast I should go. This is more of a training race for the Bolder Boulder.

Welp, better get back to my game! #BeatLA

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