Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Five

These are "choice" questions. The rules of Zobmondo are that you have to choose one answer - you can't say "neither." You must also take the question as it is - no changing the questions!
  1. Would you rather have to suck all the ink out of a ballpoint pen or paint your tongue with Wite-Out? Probably paint my tongue with white-out. 
  2. Would you rather drink a gallon of used hot dog water or a shot glass of someone else's foot sweat? Hot dog water.
  3. Would you rather always wear shoes that are a half size too small or always have your underwear creeping up your butt? Shoes too small
  4. Would you rather always be nauseated or always have a headache? Headache
  5. Would you rather have to always eat standing up or always enter your car from the passenger door? Eating standing up, I stand all day anyways.

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