Monday, June 4, 2012

Running to the Shrine aka Running up a huge hill

I love the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. You can feed giraffes, pet animals, and watch the hippos! So when I heard there was a race I was down. Most of it is uphill but that's NBD to me, Colorado is full of hills, but boy was this a tougher one then I thought...

The start of the race was sunny and warm. I thought about ditching my running hoodie but thought I keep it on just incase. My dad waited at the start with me and I was ready to go once I got all my race gear together. Best part, a tortoise was the race marshall!

Once the race started I was off! My dad gave me good advice about not starting out too fast. I took it slow since I knew I had a long hill ahead of me. I was passing people since most people were walking as families. However, a few people were using me to pace themselves. They would speed past me and then walk. Once I caught up to them they would start running again. I was getting frustrated but I kept going. Getting to the top at mile 2 was intense! I took a few seconds to take in the view and then ran downhill. I started passing people again and kept a steady pace. I passed a few of the people who paced with me. I almost caught the last girl but the finish came quicker then I expected.  If I only had 100 more meters!

Once I was finished, the rain started! I had to walk half way down the hill in the pouring rain! I went to the after party and grabbed chips and quesso, fruit, and a bagel. I was soaked by the time I found my dad.

Overall a fun race! I would do it again and maybe try the 10k.

Me before the race! (this is probably one of my favorite race outfits :))

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