Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The one time I ran the Bolder Boulder...

Since the whole point of going to Boulder was to run, I thought it deserved it's own post.

Our start time was at 7:21 am so I was up around 6:30 to get ready. Luckily, I used advice from elite runners (and my dad) to set up everything the night before. I had my gel, breakfast, and clothes ready for when I woke up.

I thought it was suppose to be cold so I wore my Nike Capris and a long sleeve shirt. Thankfully I thought to put a tank top on underneath since it saved me later.

Our hotel was right near the start so we were able to walk over and not have to deal with port-a-potties. Each wave starts within two minutes of each other so it was moving pretty fast. My dad was my pacer so we could attempt to make 55 minutes.

Moving on to the front.

We started and we were off. Our first mile was good and I felt like I could keep up the pace. The second mile was a little slower but I felt okay until after mile 3. Last year I hit a road block at the same mile. My fourth mile was the slowest. But I picked it to do a little bit but still not enough to cut 55 minutes. I did feel better then last year and I'm ready to beat 55 minutes next year for my fifth Bolder Boulder! 

After the race my dad and I picked up our lunch bags (my one lunch bag I "buy" a year) and beer. We ate our food and headed to the expo. I was in a rush since I knew that Kara Goucher was going to be at the Nissan Innovation for Endurance booth. She is a former CU Buff and going to London to run the marathon. by the time I got in line I was near the end but still had hope to meet her. When I got near the front, she was going to let Shalane Flanagan sign autographs. Luckily Kara was going to the front people to sign autographs. I decided to be brave and ask her to sign my bib which she nicely did. Then I even asked for a picture which she nicely posed for! My dad was ready to get us out of line but I made him let me say hi to Shalane. She also signed my bib and posed for a picture! 

I didn't think it could better then that, but Adam Goucher and Tim Catalano, authors of Run the Edge and former CU Buffs were at a booth promoting their book. I grabbed my dad and stood in line to meet them. They talked to me for a few minutes and signed my bib! I asked for picture which they gladly pose for and told me to post on their facebook page (which I did!).

Shalane chilling before signing autographs.

Chilling with Kara! I was even able to wish her luck in London!

Me talking to Shalane.

Just posing with the Olympic trail champion :)

Waiting to see Adam and Tim.

Telling them about the race.

Go Buffs! 
Overall a great Bolder Boulder! I'm excited for next year and I cannot wait for all the races I have left this summer!

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