Monday, June 11, 2012

Sometimes I'm overzealous...

On twitter I follow Bart Yasso, the CRO (chief running officer of runner's world) and when I told my dad this, he lent me his book. My Life on the Run is Bart telling stories about races he ran. It's amazing and a good read. Bart has ran a marathon on every continent (including Antarctica). Reading all his stories inspired me to be a better runner.

At the end of the book, Bart posted different training schedules for 5ks up to a marathon. Since I felt inspired, I'm going all out, 26.2 miles of fun. The schedule perfectly fits for me to race the Rock n Roll Denver Marathon. I'm excited for this challenge and ready to embrace it!

The biggest challenge for me is finding time to fit in my runs. It's hard when you work full time and I'm outside all day since I'm running summer camp. It's been a rough start but getting a little better day by day. The kids are crazy but give me great stories to tell.

For instance, today we were walking through Garden of the Gods and they wanted to find benches to sit on. It motivated them to move faster through the park lol. They did think it was pretty cool that I raced through there a few times (twice).

Welp! Here is to my summer of training!

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