Monday, October 3, 2011


Winter is coming! I'm excited to go skiing since I missed out last season. Now that I have a job skiing will is on the top of priority list. It's a expensive sport but it's something to do outside in the winter. But I need to run.

When it snows, my trails get gross and muddy. My personal favorite trail, Ute Valley is the worst! Even after a bad rain storm I stay away from there. My shoes get so muddy that I gain three inches to my height. The mud collects at the bottom of my shoes the further I run. My other trail is okay since it is paved and usually cleared off fast. However, I'm stuck the same parts because the unpaved parts are muddy. What I'm getting at is I hate muddy shoes.

To avoid this I would go to the rec center at school. It was nice to relieve stress after class and socialize with my friends. Now that I'm graduated I can no longer go since I'm not paying my rec center fees (as well as other fees that I'm happily not paying). So the big question is: What gym should I join?

Option 1: UCCS Rec Center
I would pay 200$ annually, have full access to fitness classes, and the pool. Also, it's 15 minutes away from my house! However, I'll be paying for parking. The campus police have been strict and we cannot park across the street anymore. I avoided getting parking tickets for four years and I hate UCCS parking. Most of my friends have graduated or will be graduated by the end of May. The pool keeps weird hours. The fitness classes interfere with my work schedule and I have to pay extra for them.

Option 2: Lifetime
It's the new gym in town and opened this past summer. It has a spa, tennis court, indoor and outdoor pool, yoga classes, and state of the art equipment. This place is nice but far from work and my house. I would go here for the outdoor pool in the summer time haha!

Option 3: VillaSport
This place is fairly new and is near Lifetime. Classes aren't free but there are many options for me to try. Like Lifetime, it has an outdoor and indoor pool and far away from everything.

Option 4: 24 Hour Fitness
Most people I know go here and like. There are various locations around town that I can go to as well as other states while I'm on vacation. There are spin and yoga classes at times I can take them. I really want to get back into yoga again.

So these are my gym options so I can get my GTL on. I'll be doing more research to see where I should go.

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