Thursday, September 29, 2011


As of now, my racing season is over! I ran four races this year: St. Patrick's Day 5k, Take 5 in the Garden, Bolder Boulder, and the Panaerathon. I planned on running a few more races but my training sucked. As most of you know, I student taught this year and I was sick on and off. It limited my training and I was no near ready for my first three races.

In the summer I ran almost everyday and went too hard. First it was my knees, then my right quad, and now shin splits. I wanted to a 5k but it is this Saturday and I'm nowhere near ready for it. I took a week off to recover and get used to my work schedule. I'm hoping to join a gym in the near feature so I have a place to run when it is too gross to run outside in the winter.

I might do the Colder Boulder which is in December. It is a 5k but as of now I'm not sure. I want to be fully recovered and take it easy for the next while.

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