Saturday, October 8, 2011

So much for my run today...

Well I said it before, winter is coming and boy did it come today! Last night I was over at my friend's house and when I left it was raining. I was a little excited since I do like rain (but my hair doesn't). Then this morning I crawled out of my warm bed and went upstairs. Since my room is the basement I never see the weather until I go upstairs. I was greeted by a dark gloomy sky and snow. This time last year it hadn't snowed yet and summer was prevalent as ever. It was like winter was never going to come.

To make it clear winter is here, there is already an opening day for ski season. Ski season has started at Wolf Creek with three feet of fresh natural snow. Usually Loveland or A-Basin are the first to open but change is good right?

So my run was canceled today. Last time I went for a run in the rain, I almost ate it on a bridge. I do not want to know what will happen in the snow. Also the wind is kind of crazy. Colorado has the worst wind ever! As the rate I'm complaining you would have never guessed I'm from Canada.

Now time to enjoy my everything bagel, make some coffee, and cuddle up in my sister's CU Snuggie. It's going to be a PJ day.

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