Tuesday, September 13, 2011


As I mentioned in my last post, I was jetting off to Miami! The trip ended up being everything I expected and more. So many memories were made in that week and I met so many fun people. To be quite honest, I'm ready to go back. The Colorado has been too cold for me! But here some pictures of the trip.

                                            Arielle and I at happy hour! Yummy sushi and drinks :)

                                           With Jennifer!

                                           It was raining so we huddled under an umbrella.

                                           Dash Miami, clothes were like 300+ and bottle water was $10

                                           South Beach

                                           Key West Rooster

                                                     Snorkeling! We got to watch the sunset on the beach :)

                                           Yes I held it! His name was Larry and he was smooth.

                                          People could get married here, and many shows such as Burn Notice, Dexter, and CSI Miami were filmed here.

Overall a great trip!

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