Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Getting things done...

Every time I'm in Boulder my Dad and I pass a hotel that is near the start line. He makes a point about booking our hotel earlier each year. Last year, my dad was plagued with injuries before the race so he was not sure about doing the Bolder Boulder. We register and had a hotel in Broomfield which is outside of Boulder. We had to get up earlier to get to our heat time which was pretty early to begin with. Each year we book too late to get anything in Boulder.

However, this year is different! Our hotel is already booked, so talk about getting things done :) It is about half a mile away from the start, and half a mile away from the finish. This means no paying for parking or having my mom drop us off in a mess to get to the start (also, she won't have to navigate through the CU campus to find my Dad and I at the expo).

I guess this means I should start training now?

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