Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summer Time!

This summer has been treating me very well! I have ran the Bolder Boulder and I'm doing another 5k on Saturday morning. I wanted to run more races this year but student teaching wrecked my immune system so my training was off this past winter.

But I try to get in a few miles every morning to start my day. It's been nice running outside and exploring the trails. I like to mix things up since I tend to get bored easily. I found a trail that runs beside Ute Valley and leads back into the park with a huge hill. This is my hard day workout which is easily 3 miles and then some.

Besides running I have been enjoying my first summer being 21! I have seen Colorado Springs in a whole another light. I learned roof top decks are a fun place to hangout and Thursday night is the best night to go out since it's always ladies night lol.

This is probably one of my favorites photos from this summer. My friend from Canada came and I showed her a good time at Copperhead Road. 

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