Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Running Playlist

When I started working out at the rec center at UCCS, I never brought an iPod. I had a friend I'd workout with but when she wasn't there, I was bored and listened to the crap on the radio. First off, the radio plays the same song 200 times. Secondly commercials. Last but not least, I couldn't choose what I wanted to listen to. I'm not a fan of heavy metal and that was a popular request. I didn't want to go ask the front desk to put it back to Magic FM so I could jam to the Britney.

To have options, I started taking my iPod with me. Over time, I started making workout playlists to keep me going. I need music with good beats to pump me up and keep me at a good pace. So here are current songs that I have been jamming out to.

Till the World Ends-Britney Spears. This is my summer jam as well. I like the beat and it's great to get my run started. Since I know all the words I can focus on that and forget about the pain.

I Wanna Go-Britney Spears. Yes, another Britney song and I'm not complaining! After hearing this song on Bravo to promote their summer line-up I wanted it. (I'll do another post about my Bravo obsession) The fast beat keeps me going and it's catchy. I like the whistle part :)

Where Dem Girlz At-David Guetta feat. Flo Rida and Nicki Minaj. David Guetta has grown on me after his hit with Akon. I'm digging this song because it's catchy and I sing along to it in my head.

Give Me Everything-Pitbull feat. Ne-Yo, Afrojack and Nayer. I first heard this song in my friend's car and have been blasting it on repeat ever since. Whenever I'm at a house party or out with my friends we are jamming to this song. It's great for running since I can pace myself to the beat.

On the Floor-Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull. This song has a slower beat so I tend to start my runs listening to this song or Till the World Ends. I loved Jennifer Lopez after her first hit so I'm partial to her. She makes good music to dance to.

Thriller/Heads Will Roll-Glee Cast. I'm a huge fan of Glee so of course there would have to be a Glee song on here. I'm a fan of their mash ups and this one has been my favorite by far. I like both songs and would never thought to put them together. It's a great pump up song.

These are just a few songs to get me going. I'm currently working on a playlist for my 5k on Saturday and these songs will be on here :)

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