Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bronchitis Workout

As a teacher, I get sick all the time. I've probably made enough posts about it to make me as well whoever reads this want to pull their hair out. But this time it was bad enough I went to the doctors. I thought I had an ear infection but there was too much fluid to tell, but it lead to bronchitis. I'm on all these fun cold meds which make me loopy and out of it.

But today I thought I might as well get my ass up and do something. Like any normal sick person, I went to the gym. I haven't gone all week so why not try this week. I just did the bike and lifted. I brought a book and uploaded a bunch of new music to pump me up. No abs today though, since most of the workouts involve me being on my back, and I would have probably coughed up a lung.

Tomorrow is the last day of my antibiotic and hopefully I'll be getting some more sleep!

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