Monday, February 14, 2011


As I mentioned in my first blog, I student in a second grade class. Despite doing a healthy habits units, having a nurse come in and teach us how to wash our hands, and my lesson on how not to spread germs, I still end up getting sick. I have been dealing with a cold that I caught from the kids.

As cold and flu season progresses, I have gotten sick a few times this year. The first teacher I worked with, was sick the first week of school and I stayed clear of her germs. Then I ended up getting sick near the end of September with a throat thing. I lost my voice and could not talk at all! The second time I was sick was right after my birthday. I had a sinus infection. Once I was over that, low and behold I was a sick two weeks later!

Now I have had this cold for about two weeks but today I'm finally starting to feel better. Being sick while teaching is tough, but you tough it out. However, I am glad to finally get better!

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